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Hitchhiker escorts south of france

16 Oct The "Michelin National" map of France is a good choice for a hitchhiker in this country. . They are often active on highways and péages going south from Belgium and Luxembourg, looking for people transporting large amounts of tobacco or looking for hitchhikers from the Netherlands who may be. 4 Jan A guide to hitchhiking in France, including what to eat, how to throw thumb, where to hitch, where to sleep and what to say. I'm talking about unfettered camping, not camp sites, although you can find those in good supply in the more touristic parts of France, especially the south. Hostels exist in abundance. 23 Sep I hitchhiked all over Europe, a bit in South America and for three months only taking a bus twice in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan and always found hitchhiking to be faster than waiting for a bus. Love it! Anyway love the advice I just started a blog and also had some hitchhiking tips and advice. Check it out.


Hitchhiking to Barcelona

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